Saturday, April 30, 2016

This Spring on Our Property

Crandon is very excited to have found a table saw.  We took a trip to the bay area to pick it up.  He is interested in being able to do more wood working, maybe some cabinetry for our place here.

We had the property surveyed and that was completed in March.

Most of the fence lines are pretty close but our driveway is partly on our neighbor's place, and the same neighbors have a corner of our field.  It probably about equals out!  It's not too surprising since both places used to be owned by the same family

Digging holes for a couple of little citrus trees.

We are placing some fruit trees along the street edge of our front yard, to be both pretty and practical.

Anyone know what these flowers are?

Or these whitish plants?

Or these large leafed, low growing ones?  We have several plants around here that we are still trying to identify.

There are several large clumps of pretty irises.

This bush has large, beautiful and fragrant roses.

We are not sure what this bush is.  It has flowers similar to a dogwood, but it's an evergreen bush.

I strung up some little patio lighting on our glassed in front porch.  Now to find the time to sit and enjoy it!

Cattle panels delivered and set up in a corral.

Garden plans.

Garden in progress!

With my boys.

Planting with Daddy.

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