Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Kitchen (and My Birthday)

I think the last pictures I posted of our kitchen were pre-move in.  Here are some recent pictures of it now, scrubbed, organized, and (slightly) decorated. :-)  We plan to renovate someday, but for right now I'm enjoying my cheerful, vintage kitchen!

Crandon made this cutting board top for a Craigslist cabinet.

These are some vintage canning jars we acquired with the property.  I love the blue glass, and was very excited when Crandon found two of them!

I set up a play area in one of the bay windows in the living room.

This is the delicious breakfast that my dear husband planned and prepared for my birthday!  He went and picked up all the ingredients for omelets with caramelized onion, peppers, mushrooms, blue cheese, and more.

He also got fresh fruit and yogurt!  This man is amazing!

With my little boys, on my birthday. :-)

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RD Youngs Contractor said...

Yes, you are truly blessed Daughter.