Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Chicken Coop & Our New Chickens!

This collapsing shed was dismantled to provide material for a chicken coop.  In the process, Crandon literally dug up an old axle!  That became the base for the movable coop.

Watching Daddy though the fence.

All flattened!

Here is the coop in process.  A good view of the nesting boxes.

An old hammer head with a new (stick) handle!

Finished and ready to roll.  Crandon reused metal pipes to make retractable handles for relocating the coop.  The idea is to move the chickens around to spread out the manure and to encourage foraging.

The door swings down to form a ramp.

The metal roofing on the nest boxes lifts in two segments, to make it easy to collect eggs.  The walls are all wood planks from the shed, and the basic frame is almost all salvaged wood, too.  The planks are on their third use, at least!  They had old fasteners and wall coverings left from some previous life.

Inside, perches and nest boxes are seen.  The floor is mesh over combination panels, to allow the chicken manure to fall though to the ground.

Time to pick up our chickens!  Crandon's parents were raising them for us, until they were past the chick stage, and we had a home for them.  Little E. is so excited!

The boys, with Grandpa, looking at the chickens in the back of our vehicle.

At home in their new coop!  We have eight White Leghorns, eight New Hampshires, and two little bantam hens.  They are so amusing to watch!  I'm really looking forward to collecting our own, home-grown eggs in a couple of months.


GretchenJoanna said...

I'll be interested to hear how many of those beautiful nesting boxes the birds use. For some reason they seem to like to share only one or two boxes. If you put a fake egg in each box might they use them all?

It's always a joy to see a chicken coop that has been well thought out beforehand, unlike the one that our family had for so long :-)

Sarah said...

This is all so exciting! Fresh home-grown eggs and chickens=a happy kitchen and happy and healthy family :-).

Bloom Tattoos said...

I have no words. It is perfect. Thank you for sharing.