Saturday, February 27, 2016

Moving Day!

First load.  We had four pick-up trucks and two trailers available.

Some dads.

Lunch, between the morning load and the afternoon load.  I made a big pot of chili that was quick to warm up.

Some brothers.

A much deserved break, with lunch, cookies and coffee for all.

Our near-empty garage!

Both Crandon's parents, my dad, all three of my brothers and one sister-in-law showed up to help with the move.  Our little boys spent the day with my mom and sister, visiting the Children's Museum and hanging out at Grandma's house.  Thanks so much, to each of you!

 Our first morning waking up at our new house:
Warming up over the only heater!

A red nosed munchkin, amid boxes and baskets of stuff.

Making the morning coffee!

So much settling in ahead of us, but it's so good to be here!

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Sarah said...

Isn't family wonderful? Moving is very stressful, but much less with those who truly love you and understand all around! May God give you and your hubby vision and heart as you embrace your new home and community hand in hand! It takes awhile to adjust but I think it's mostly the heart and mindset as well as peace or not with God that makes transition a binding together experience or one that is frustrating. It's good to know usually in time things get a good rhythm again, but then, that changes quickly once again, especially with little ones who are rapidly changing and growing. God bless you guys and your new home! Love to you!