Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hello & Goodbye

The first couple of days at our new house:

I tried to make the boys' room homey and familiar as quickly as possible, to help their transition.

The last couple of days, finishing up at our old house:

Our poor little guys were sick this day, and spent the whole afternoon sleeping on the floor or sitting, watching us, while Crandon and I cleaned the house, patched and touched up walls, and did some final yard work.

"Goodbye, thank you for being the backdrop for most of our memories of our first four years.  You've been a good little home!"


NanaNor's said...

It is somewhat bittersweet to leave your first home, isn't it-especially when you've brought your babies home there. I well remember leaving our home in Cupertino to move to Santa Rosa and crying as we drove away. Of course, maybe that's me, because I cried when we left our dear friends on the sidewalk of our home in Santa Rosa. I know your new home will be such a blessing to all of you.
Hugs, Noreen

Sarah said...

Big changes, a lot of hard work, but many dreams coming true! Thanks for keeping us updated on your home project and family ventures. It makes me happy knowing such a dear friend is contented and enjoying the adventures with her husband and family :-). God is good!