Sunday, February 28, 2016

And More Projects and Life...and Spring!

Some of the leftovers, after running some new wiring in the house.  We averaged one outlet per room, most of which were not grounded and so were not useful for many of our modern electronics.  Some old things are charming, but I'm very thankful for some new conveniences!

This little wheelbarrow was a gift from our Realtor, and has been a huge hit!  Aren't the sunglasses cute on top of his head?

We moved in one week, and back out the next.  Out of the shop, that is!  Everything had been piled in, in a rather un-orderly fashion, and Crandon wanted to clean the interior from decades of dust and cobwebs (so we can start our own, fresh, collection).  He also needed to spray the interior with Tim-bor, because of some evidence of termites and powder post beetles in that structure too.

The plum tree has burst into bloom, across from our kitchen window.

And some pretty double daffodils came up.

Two boys, sharing a step-stool. :-)

This shed roof structure had to come off the back of the shop, to make the insurance company happy. He made short work of it, taking the whole thing down in a morning.

A common scene these days--Crandon on the phone, while in the middle of some project (this time, some outlets and lighting for the shop).  Between real estate, insurance companies, loan companies, utilities, inspections, etc. there has been a lot of phone and email time!

Some welcome spring rain, drizzling off the shop roof.


Olinda said... fun to see all your catch up posts!

rdyoungs said...

Crandon and Angela,  We have enjoyed helping you move, in the various ways we have been able.  I for one am so blessed to see you in this new chapter.  It's what we as parents live for . . . the continuing of our lives through our children.  Now we get to relive some of our memories through you all.  I know that the Lord will bless you in numerous and yet untold ways at your new home.  There are things to learn that will grow and stretch you (as you're already aware), opportunities to be a testimony among folks in a 'new' community, things that your children will learn there, memories they will have to carry along with them the rest of their natural lives, wonderful times of joy and happiness as well as the inevitable things that will bring sadness and hurt to you.  The hurts make us stronger and the pleasures make the pain worth enduring.  Muscle gets stronger by cautiously tearing it and working through the repairs. “Except the LORD shall build the house, they labor in vain that build it . . .” Ps. 127:1a

madeline blair said...

plum trees and daffodils! what fun things you get to discover now that will soon become norms. =) thinking about you in this wild transition... hoping you're settling in well. =)

and the wheelbarrow is too cute!