Sunday, February 28, 2016

And More Projects and Life...and Spring!

Some of the leftovers, after running some new wiring in the house.  We averaged one outlet per room, most of which were not grounded and so were not useful for many of our modern electronics.  Some old things are charming, but I'm very thankful for some new conveniences!

This little wheelbarrow was a gift from our Realtor, and has been a huge hit!  Aren't the sunglasses cute on top of his head?

We moved in one week, and back out the next.  Out of the shop, that is!  Everything had been piled in, in a rather un-orderly fashion, and Crandon wanted to clean the interior from decades of dust and cobwebs (so we can start our own, fresh, collection).  He also needed to spray the interior with Tim-bor, because of some evidence of termites and powder post beetles in that structure too.

The plum tree has burst into bloom, across from our kitchen window.

And some pretty double daffodils came up.

Two boys, sharing a step-stool. :-)

This shed roof structure had to come off the back of the shop, to make the insurance company happy. He made short work of it, taking the whole thing down in a morning.

A common scene these days--Crandon on the phone, while in the middle of some project (this time, some outlets and lighting for the shop).  Between real estate, insurance companies, loan companies, utilities, inspections, etc. there has been a lot of phone and email time!

Some welcome spring rain, drizzling off the shop roof.

Hello & Goodbye

The first couple of days at our new house:

I tried to make the boys' room homey and familiar as quickly as possible, to help their transition.

The last couple of days, finishing up at our old house:

Our poor little guys were sick this day, and spent the whole afternoon sleeping on the floor or sitting, watching us, while Crandon and I cleaned the house, patched and touched up walls, and did some final yard work.

"Goodbye, thank you for being the backdrop for most of our memories of our first four years.  You've been a good little home!"

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Moving Day!

First load.  We had four pick-up trucks and two trailers available.

Some dads.

Lunch, between the morning load and the afternoon load.  I made a big pot of chili that was quick to warm up.

Some brothers.

A much deserved break, with lunch, cookies and coffee for all.

Our near-empty garage!

Both Crandon's parents, my dad, all three of my brothers and one sister-in-law showed up to help with the move.  Our little boys spent the day with my mom and sister, visiting the Children's Museum and hanging out at Grandma's house.  Thanks so much, to each of you!

 Our first morning waking up at our new house:
Warming up over the only heater!

A red nosed munchkin, amid boxes and baskets of stuff.

Making the morning coffee!

So much settling in ahead of us, but it's so good to be here!

Almost Ready!

I have a bit of catch-up to do, so this batch of photos is from the first week of February, finishing up a few things in anticipation of moving.

Getting a second coat of paint on the floors.

Crandon is getting the clothesline back up, after the tenting.

Yes, we have a lot of these pictures!  Seems mud and buckets and water never get boring.

Our house is looking very bare and packed up.

Bare, except for the piles of boxes everywhere!

Help from a friend!  We have been so blessed by many family and friends who have helped in many different ways!

And the finished floors!  I'm really happy with how they look.  The sponging was a big job, covering 400 sq/ft twice over, on my knees!  I did it all in one night, and Mom came after work to keep me company.  I spent five hours sponging, plus about three hours doing the base coats.

I love to see all these floors looking the same now, instead of three different patterns coming together right here.

Crandon made this beautiful cutting board top for a counter-height cabinet I found on Craigslist.  The kitchen has one relatively short run of built in cabinets, with the range free-standing across from them.  This cabinet adds quite a bit more counter space, plus drawers.

All ready to move in and start making this place home!  The kitchen is so important to me, to function as well as possible, to be clean, and to make pretty, because so much of our daily life takes place in the kitchen!