Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Week at the Property...

Some of our chicks have arrived!  We seem to be jumping into property life with both feet!  Our milk cow needs to come home (from getting bred) soon, and chicks are already arriving.  Thankfully Crandon's parents are raising the chicks for us until we are ready for them, as the birds were part of a much larger order for a few different people.

This chick has green on it's head to label the breed.

Keeping warm with a heat lamp.

Crandon's sister came for a few days to help out by looking after the boys, so that I was free to do some packing and cleaning/moving prep.  I'm so excited to get fresh, pretty contact paper in the kitchen cabinets!

Crandon, working on the roof.  The insurance companies don't like to see moss growing on the roof, so he is brushing it off.  Probably brushing off a few years of life on the shingles too!  We also just realized that our chimney has no cap on it, so taking care of that just moved up near the top of the to-do list!

A side note: we are at a stage in life where scrubbing moss off of our roof, together, but with no toddlers, counts as a date. ;-)

This is a picture of hot, running water...ahhh, a luxury we take for granted, most of the time!

Crandon is removing all the old power lines, now that the new lines run underground.

Using my dad's handy water-pressure trenching tool to tunnel under the sidewalk for better drainage.

This may not look very exciting, but this was the first light to confirm that PG&E had switched over the old power lines to the new!

My big project this week has been dealing with some of our floors.  We have several different kinds of very old flooring that are badly worn and deteriorating, but we aren't ready to rip them out before knowing what our plans are for remodeling.  This room is the old kitchen.

Here's a patch of the current kitchen floor.  Yikes.

And some deco style flooring in the hallway.

I made an attempt at patching some of the worst holes with water putty.

And this is after the first coat of gray porch paint.  My goal is to make a cleaner and easier to clean surface, and hopefully look a little better too.

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NanaNor's said...

Hi Angela, Just stopped by to see what is happening with your family. Such precious times for you all! Looks like a lot of hard work on a new home(which is beautiful); I am wondering where your home and property are? I saw that you were in the Ca. foothills with Crandon's sister for a visit, so maybe there? Do your in-laws still live up in Windsor, where they did when you were in high school? I so remember gatherings there, such fun.
Hope you have a fantastic February.