Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Progress at the Property

Yes, that's dirt around his mouth.  I try, but it seems everything goes in the mouth...

A whole patch of these pretty 'Spring Snowflakes' are coming up down by our little creek.

Crandon gets some help from our electrician friend (my brothers' father-in-law--sort of family!)

Water and mud=many hours of entertainment for a two year old.

This happy little munchkin likes hanging with Mommy.

Boots: super practical with all the mud from all the rain we're getting here.

Trenches with conduit, almost ready to fill in.

Action shot!  Grandpa, Daddy and Little Guy all working to fill in the trenches.

We had a salvage company out to look at our chicken barns (eight!) but they said the barns don't have much wood worth salvaging, so we would basically be paying them to haul it all away.  Oh, well, it was worth a try!

Calculating wire quantities.

Lunch and naps.

Last week we had the house fumigated to rid it of powder post beetles.  The little pests have caused a fair bit of damage under the house.

It was tarped for about three days.

Aunt Naomi came over to help out with the boys so I could focus on packing.  I packed my first box just two weeks ago!

My mom came and helped me pack up almost my entire kitchen and china cabinet!  A big help, especially since I was struggling to know where to start on that project.

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Olinda said...

Fun to see the progress!