Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today at Our Place

Our garden.  We've got a few things growing well, but our garden site needs some serious amending before next year.

The cattle have eaten down our front pasture pretty well.  Crandon just opened up the back pasture for them.

Our puppy is growing!  He's about five months and I have been doing training classes with him for the past month.  It was a little crazy at first, but we are settling into routine a bit more now.

Crandon has the side of the house open for pest repairs.

The front shows more rot and water damage than we expected.

I've been busy working on the front yard.  Mostly pruning, weeding, dividing and transplanting, working with what is already here.  Last weekend we splurged and bought a few perennials to fill in.

Not really pretty yet, but I have a plan... :-)

Crandon built a simple fire ring in the front, too, which we have been using on a regular basis in the past couple of weeks.  We can burn up cuttings, and wood debris, and enjoy a family activity at the same time!

A summer highlight for the boys has been picking blackberries on every trip to and from the chicken coop everyday!

These boys are awaiting chicken processing day.

Another project that I'm working on, bit by bit.  This milk barn is slated for repair/paint/reroof before winter.  I'm scrubbing the outside with a wood cleaner, hoping it will help the paint adhere to this century-old redwood...

I love before and after pictures, so this one shows one side in process.  Hopefully it's obvious which side I've done!

This hen has decided to sit on a fake egg.  She's in for disappointment!

I have a few sets of pictures from the past couple of months that will hopefully appear soon, but at least I can show where we are at as of today. :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

This Spring on Our Property

Crandon is very excited to have found a table saw.  We took a trip to the bay area to pick it up.  He is interested in being able to do more wood working, maybe some cabinetry for our place here.

We had the property surveyed and that was completed in March.

Most of the fence lines are pretty close but our driveway is partly on our neighbor's place, and the same neighbors have a corner of our field.  It probably about equals out!  It's not too surprising since both places used to be owned by the same family

Digging holes for a couple of little citrus trees.

We are placing some fruit trees along the street edge of our front yard, to be both pretty and practical.

Anyone know what these flowers are?

Or these whitish plants?

Or these large leafed, low growing ones?  We have several plants around here that we are still trying to identify.

There are several large clumps of pretty irises.

This bush has large, beautiful and fragrant roses.

We are not sure what this bush is.  It has flowers similar to a dogwood, but it's an evergreen bush.

I strung up some little patio lighting on our glassed in front porch.  Now to find the time to sit and enjoy it!

Cattle panels delivered and set up in a corral.

Garden plans.

Garden in progress!

With my boys.

Planting with Daddy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Chicken Coop & Our New Chickens!

This collapsing shed was dismantled to provide material for a chicken coop.  In the process, Crandon literally dug up an old axle!  That became the base for the movable coop.

Watching Daddy though the fence.

All flattened!

Here is the coop in process.  A good view of the nesting boxes.

An old hammer head with a new (stick) handle!

Finished and ready to roll.  Crandon reused metal pipes to make retractable handles for relocating the coop.  The idea is to move the chickens around to spread out the manure and to encourage foraging.

The door swings down to form a ramp.

The metal roofing on the nest boxes lifts in two segments, to make it easy to collect eggs.  The walls are all wood planks from the shed, and the basic frame is almost all salvaged wood, too.  The planks are on their third use, at least!  They had old fasteners and wall coverings left from some previous life.

Inside, perches and nest boxes are seen.  The floor is mesh over combination panels, to allow the chicken manure to fall though to the ground.

Time to pick up our chickens!  Crandon's parents were raising them for us, until they were past the chick stage, and we had a home for them.  Little E. is so excited!

The boys, with Grandpa, looking at the chickens in the back of our vehicle.

At home in their new coop!  We have eight White Leghorns, eight New Hampshires, and two little bantam hens.  They are so amusing to watch!  I'm really looking forward to collecting our own, home-grown eggs in a couple of months.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Day at the Beach with Cousins

We had a little local vacation at the end of March, with Crandon's parents, his brother and family.  We spent most of the day lounging and playing in the sand on a local beach.

Fun, fun!

This little guy is so cute!  He's the newest little cousin in the bunch.

Playing with Grandma and Grandpa, hiding under the hats. :-)