Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flying Outing

In late July we picked a day to fly over to Columbia, a small historic mining town in the foothills of California.  It was really hot, but we had a fun time anyway.  We flew in over there and then walked the half mile or so to the historic area of town.  We enjoyed looking at old buildings, browsing in some shops, watching a blacksmith, and eating.

Getting the plane ready.

This little guy flew for the first time!

Ready to go.

Happy boys!

A. got to try a headset so he could communicate with us.  He wasn't too enthusiastic!

This one didn't like his earmuffs either.  Thankfully, both boys slept a fair amount of the flight.  They can't see much out the windows and the engine noise is very loud, so it's probably hard for them to understand what's going on.

In town.

Going for a stagecoach ride!

In some of the rock "leftovers" from the mining days.

Enjoying some good ice cream at the end of the day!

When we were flying home we saw the start of the Ragg Fire.  The billows of smoke were huge, and we could actually see the flames!

A fun day!

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