Thursday, October 15, 2015

Camping at Standish-Hickey

While Crandon has his second round of vacation we decided to take one more camping trip, this time North, toward the Redwoods.
Getting the tent all set up.

We spent lots of time just relaxing - reading and playing.

Reading with Daddy.

Boiling water for coffee, and pre-heating the mug at the same time!  We had nice weather, in the seventies during the days, but mornings and evenings were quite cool.

Little E. spent his time zipped into the tent, in the stroller, in the tarp-floored play pen, or in someone's arms.  It will be easier when he's walking!

I thought the tent was baby-proof, but a container of wipes was a nice entertainment until Daddy found out!

A. enjoyed spreading and restacking all the firewood, several times.

More reading time.

Some of the campsites had these old stone BBQs, with a chimney and grates with sliding griddles.

We kept food pretty simple, but everything tastes extra good when you're camping!

Dirt and a two year old!

Our little thumb-sucker.

My brother and family joined us for part of the trip.  It is fun to be making memories with cousins!

Fording the river!  It wasn't particularly deep, but the water was moving pretty quickly and the rocks where spaced a little far for comfortable hopping.  We all made it across and back, but there were some wet shoes and some nervous moments!

Checking out the campground on the other side of the river.

Throwing rocks in the water.

Getting tired and needing a guiding hand.

Cousins in Carhartt overalls!

Playing in the dirt with tractors was probably a highlight for the little guys.

Breakfast time.

A tractor parking lot!

I think that's the last camping trip of the season.  It was a very nice combination of relaxing, eating, walking, reading, and playing.


Olinda said...

Thanks for sharing - looks like fun!

Jordan and Rebecca said...

Looking at these pictures makes me ready to pack up and go again right away! :)