Friday, September 18, 2015

Heirloom Expo

Last week we attended the Heirloom Expo in our county.  This is a rather large event that resembles the county fair, in many ways.  We enjoyed the huge exhibits of heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties, wandering through the animal barns, and browsing the commercial building full of vendors.  

The guys enjoyed a small display of vintage farm equipment.

The animals held our interest for quite a while. 

A. was fascinated with all of them, but the turkey, fully fanned out, was the most interesting, probably bordering on frightening, based on the expression on his face!

I didn't take many pictures in the barns, but we had fun watching the antics of some of the animals, and making note of some breeds of pigs and sheep, hopefully for our future family farming interests.

It was a very hot day, above 100 degrees, so we drank lots of water and sought shade whenever possible!

The food was rather unlike a typical county fair!  The kiosks had things available like organic sourdough pizza (our lunch pick), kombucha and other fermented and live-culture drinks, local fresh bread, specialty ice creams, and more.  No cotton candy or corn dogs in sight!

The hall that normally turns into a whole little world of flowers during the fair was completely full of varieties of veggies!  The centerpiece was a massive pyramid of winter squash.

The painted backdrop, left from the summer fair, was a beautiful and fitting pastural scene.

Striped figs!  We've been enjoying eating and learning about figs this season so it was especially fun to see all the varieties on display.

Look at all the colors of farm-fresh produce!

No pictures from the vendor hall, but it was full of many interesting and unusual items available for demo and sale.  Rainwater catchment systems, composting and vermiculture, fermentation supplies, seeds and gardening items, and fresh veggies and artisan vinegars, "up-cycled" clothing, and how-to books, just to name a few.

We wore this little guy out completely!

The people attending this event were incredibly diverse.  Definitely some of the young homestead, DIY type, some leftover hippies into the environmentally conscious lifestyle all along, some middle-age and older folks that looked like upperclass social liberals, some families of various ages, just out for a family-friendly activities, some 4Hers, some rancher type.

Clean-cut western shirt cowboys and dreadlocks and earthy hippies styles looked equally at-home at this expo!

This event was lots more fun and educational than I had anticipated.  We'd definitely go again!  

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