Sunday, September 13, 2015


A recent family camping trip to Casini Ranch.

Playing in the dirt, every day.  He was happy! 

This one spent the whole camping trip in the stroller, in someone's arms, in the "pen", or zipped into the tent.  That was probably the hardest part, but this momma isn't ready to put crawling babies in the dirt...  I'm sure that will be easier when he's walking!

A little reading with Daddy.

Playing with Aunt Naomi.

Enjoying coffee and pastries while on a little bike ride to the town of Duncans Mills.

With Lucas.

Cousins ready for a ride!

A. enjoyed playing with one of his cousins' little glide bike.

Uncle Jordan and cousins, back from a ride with the cargo bike.

Naomi with her cruiser.


"At least we're in it together!"

Eating snack.

Tasty thumb!

Grandma & Grandpa, holding babies while everyone else was trying to get a few things done around the campsite.

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