Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Fall

 Our big boy has had lots of fun with a little wooden helicopter from great grandparents that visited in September.

Watering cans are always good for some fun!  This was a lovely Saturday afternoon in mid September.

The unhappy occasion of a family funeral at least had the plus of bringing all the little cousins on Crandon's side together.  These little boys were all dressed up, but some running around and sitting on parking lots had them looking slightly disheveled!

"Is this how this saddle works???"  So pleased with himself to have mounted alone, never mind the direction!

I love these little Carhart overalls!

I spent a week or so, in October, washing fabric, after selvaging twenty-some pieces from Grandma N's burned house.

Now I'm anxious to do some sewing, but I don't think I'm going to have much time for it, for a little while at least!

In early October we took a cross-country flight to meet a requirement for Crandon.  We made a stop over in the foothills and then down to Bakersfield for dinner.

Prepping for our flight home.

Our dishwasher quit so A. is "helping" Crandon install a new one.  Our new dishwasher is very quiet and cleans the dishes really well, but it takes a while--I guess that's how the newer energy/water efficient ones work.

All dressed up for a friend's wedding, but all that dirt was just too hard to resist!  Several of the little boys went home very dirty!

Celebrating Daddy's birthday with a special waffle breakfast--Yum!

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Sarah said...

I enjoyed this little peek into your family life. I often think how lovely it would be if we lived closer, or even were neighbors :-)...but these updates help me not miss you as much!