Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Masquerade

We attended the 10th Annual Summer Masquerade this year, hosted by a dear friend.  It was fun to finally get to go as a family!  I enjoyed putting together theme costumes for the three of us, using masks we picked out in San Francisco, and a collection of clothing and fabric--some from my stash, a few from local thrift stores, and a couple pieces of material from the bargain rack at Wal-mart.

Getting ready in the car, before our "grand entrance".

Our little Owlet.  Not the best picture with the sun behind, but I thought it was a good one of our little guy and his costume.

Whooo, me?

Our theme food: stuffed mushrooms from the woodland family.

Forest Glen, the Woodsman from the dark forest, and Owlet.

Sisters! Maid Marian, Forest Glen, and Princess Amethyst.

With my little guy, who is hoping for a bite of apple pie!

With the lovely hostess of the Masque--as 'Rose'.

Thursday, August 7, 2014