Tuesday, July 29, 2014


...it's definitely what's for dinner!

Our dairy cow project has turned into a beef project.  The animal was slaughtered a few weeks ago, and has been at a semi-local butcher shop, hanging and getting cut and packaged.

We went to pick up all our meat this past weekend.  I don't know what the live weight of the cow was, probably 600-700 lbs. but we came away with 350 lbs. for the freezer (including a few packages of fat to render, and five bags of bones for bone broth).

The sign out front.

Our meat in the back of the truck.  Doesn't look like that much in this picture!

Riding in the truck is always fun!

The meat on the garage floor.  Me trying to decide on a plan of attack for organizing it into our new freezer!

All the meat in a 20.6 cu. ft. freezer - now it looks like a lot!  One black crate has chicken in it, and the door has some frozen fruit, but all the rest is beef.
There are numerous packages of steaks and roasts, seventy-three 1 lb. packs of ground beef, stew meat, and misc. that I get to figure out how to cook.  Liver, heart or oxtail, anyone???

I'm actually really excited about the learning experience here.  It's already been interesting to work with the butcher shop and decide on cuts, and what parts of the animal we wanted to keep.  I'm looking forward to learning more about where each cut is from, and some of the ways to cook them.  We've already sampled ground beef as burgers, and sirloin steak; both juicy and tasty.  I wasn't sure what to expect with the flavor and tenderness, since grass-fed is a new experience for me, and the cow was about four years old--a little older than typical age.


Olinda said...

Looks very organized in your freezer, Angela! Lots of good eating ahead!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Angela, We also raised a cow and had it butchered; split the meat with the Coopers and Stumps. I will say because ours wasn't grain fed(until the very end)it wasn't quite as tasty as I'd hoped. It was a good experience but not sure I'd repeat it. I know you'll enjoy the beef-especially knowing how it was raised. Love how organized your freezer is.
Hugs, Noreen

Laura Madge said...

I might have freezer envy. And it's full of great grass fed beef. Love. That should last awhile, eh? I buy grass fed beef at the famers Market here in New west which is from a little further North & East in BC. I love the flavour so much more then any store bought beef. I pay between $5.50 - 8/ pound. - and I only buy ground beef, stew and round roasts. Steaks are LOTs more.
Hope you guys are doing well overall. We'll have to catch up soon. Hugs and Love. Laura.