Friday, April 4, 2014

Early Spring at Our House, in Pictures

A few pictures from the past couple of months, for those of you who still check my blog on occasion!  At ten weeks pregnant I'm tired a lot of the time and not managing much more than maintenance around here the past few weeks.

Outing to the San Francisco Zoo.  The zoo has really improved since my last memories of it, about 18 years ago!  It was a really fun trip with family.

Still working of figuring out the sippy cup!  So far, bite hard, pull and try to remember to swallow whatever liquid goes in the mouth!

A birthday outing (for me!) with Mom/Grandma.  A very enjoyable day browsing in Corta Madera.

Cheese for the first time.  It was OK, but nothing amazing, apparently.

Helping Daddy drive!

A day visiting family.  The little guys had fun, but didn't quite know how to play together yet!

All those drawers to empty!  It's a full time job!

My special little "engagement orchid" is blooming again, for the first time in three years!  We got it at the farmers market in S.F. at the Ferry Building, when we were getting my engagement ring resized.  It has a subtle fragrance that I get occasionally as I go about my day.

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Carrie said...

Hi Angela! Just wanted to slip in and say congratulations on your new pregnancy! How exciting!!!
Sending love,