Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Weekend Away

We made a very spontaneous run to Sacramento this weekend.  When our Sunday fellowship plans fell through, due to illness, we decided to book a hotel for a couple nights and then find some snow on Sunday!

In front of the Sterling Hotel.  This was a fun place to stay--a big victorian house built in the 1890s and converted to a hotel.  It has just 16 rooms, each unique.

Sunday morning we drove from Sacramento over to Sugar Bowl, for some snow play.  We found some untouched, deep, clean snow and had fun introducing our little guy to it!

He really had fun until his little pant legs got soaked through and cold on his skin!

Time for some lunch!  Yummy deli sandwiches.  Mine was grilled and melty!

Maybe a funny picture, but the lighting in our bathroom was so pretty.  The stained glass window was an orchid/lavender color and the room glowed pinkish when the sun was shining in.

Back in Sacramento, we enjoyed strolling the capital grounds and looking at trees and plants before dinner.  Here I'm in front of a dogwood tree.

This was one of our favorite roses in the rose garden--'Mardi Gras.'

And this was my favorite, aptly named 'Hot Cocoa.'  It is pinkish red, with a dusty chocolaty color to it.

Monday, I visited friends while Crandon worked in Sacramento, then we had a picnic dinner before heading home.  It was a warm day--in the 80s.

A really pleasant and relaxing little get-away!


Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun! What a great break from the 'norm.'
Thanks for sharing. Dad Y.

madeline blair said...

that looks so fun, angela! sometimes spontaneous getaways are the most fun. =) my mom loves that "hot cocoa" rose--we have can give you a start if you'd like.

and honestly, the bathroom pic looks like something i would take. you're not alone in your weirdness! =P