Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finishing Projects

I have focused on completing projects over the past three months, and not bringing home new ones!  Here are some pictures of my three biggest projects.  I have also finished up or gotten rid of a number of smaller things that have been sitting around my sewing room.

Started on this probably a year and a half ago, before I was even pregnant.  This project was inspired by a similar book my mom made when I was a toddler.  It includes pages made by Mom and Melody, as a swap, since Melody is also working on one.

A sample of some of the pages:

Melody did this page.

And Mom did this one.

I hope to add a few more--maybe some buckles & closures, and some "boy" pages!

This project was acquired about two months after we got married.  It was free in front of a house when we were out walking one day!  I had already started sanding before remembering to take a picture, but the highchair was in very good condition when we got it.  I just really wanted it to be in the soft aqua/robin's egg color that we have in our house.

It was a lot of work painting all those rungs!  Not enough to deter me from acquiring a coffee table to paint, as my next project, though!

Dad, this one's for you--look at those rice puffs!

And this is the last one for now--turning a stack of squares and collected bits of fabric into a picnic quilt.  I don't even know how many years ago I started this one, but I'm guessing at least eight!

I have 109 different fabrics represented in this quilt, and not a single repeat within the collection of squares (I did use the monogram and border fabrics more than once.)

Just big enough for a play area!


GretchenJoanna said...

The quiet book is a work of art and so inspiring! I probably say that about all of your projects - I know I could say it about all those pictured here. You must feel great having completed several!

Olinda said...

I like the "project" that's playing on the quilt!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're right Angela . . . my favorite is the rice puffs! Gotta love how nicely they stick to little wet faces and fingers.

Sarah said...

Your completed projects are inspiring, Angela! I remember when you started your picnic quilt so it's extra fun to see your final results. Sweetly enough, the quilt I'm making for William is a similar pattern as yours, but with repeat squares :-).