Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Trip Up

We left on Friday morning, August 30, for two weeks of vacation!  We spent the first three days traveling up Hwy 1 and I5, along the California, Oregon and Washington coast.

At a rest stop in Oregon.

Can you find the baby amidst our camping gear ready to repack in the car?  Stayed at Humbug Mountain State Park--a nice stop.

A quick stop for a hungry baby.  And some play time with Daddy.

We made a brief tour of the Tillamook Cheese factory, coming away with ice creams, and smoked peppercorn sharp white cheddar (we love cheese and often find somewhere fun to pick some up on a trip).  

Our second night of camping at the Ilwaco/Long Beach KOA.  Fine for one night, but the water and restrooms seemed to be about a quarter mile away!  It was a holiday weekend so we were just thankful to find a site.

Lunch on the way!  That's an apple butter sandwich and cheese, incase you didn't notice anything beyond the pile of peanut butter cups!

Two travelers, looking forward to a destination!

Last stop before Grandpa and Grandma's!  We got some sit-down dinner at a fun restaurant/cafe in Mount Vernon, Wash.   This girl was very appreciative of hot food served ready to eat after three days of travel and camping with a baby.  Not that it was bad, at all, but it does make one appreciate the conveniences.

The cafe sign.  This was a really fun place; I'd definitely stop again.  There was also a home/antique shop attached to it,  which look like it would be fun to browse.  We need to hit the road again though!
Check back for more trip photos--I've scheduled them to post every day for five days.

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Olinda said...

I thought they were raspberries not peanut butter cups until I read your caption!