Monday, September 23, 2013

One More Stop, and a Visit

Our last destination before home!  Lake Siskiyou, where I have good memories of family camping trips.  It was a bit more run-down than I remember it being, and the campgrounds and lake where very quiet and low, at this point in the season, but it was still a pretty spot and nice to just relax.


Our campsite.

Little Guy sleeping in the pack.

Playing on the picnic table.

Grandpa and Grandma came out to visit and brought dinner--delicious pulled pork!

Some time with Great Grandma.

And smiles for Great Grandpa!

An evening walk out to the lake.

It was so beautiful!  The water so still and a little sunset light on the clouds.

Mt. Shasta is pretty bare right now.

Our last lovely morning before home!

Ready to go!

And our final pack-up!
It really was a great trip; so nice to have the time and ability to travel and see places and visit family and friends!  It is nice to be home now, though.  Back to our own bed and hot running water in the kitchen! :-)

We traveled a total of 2070 miles, had the engine running for 48 hours and used about 107 gallons of gas!


Olinda said...

I'm imagining a future camping trip when you will wistfully remember the days when you could leave Little Guy laying on the picnic table or camp chair while making dinner or packing up. Next year he'll be stirring up the fire pit or playing in the water faucet! =D (I speak from experience!)

Sarah said...

Angela! What a joy it is to read your blog and see you embracing and savoring the many blessings in your life! So happy you had a wonderful road trip, visit with the grandparents (and other family), and special times with your man and little guy! Andrew is getting so big and cute! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures and makes living a distance away much more tolerable :-).