Wednesday, August 14, 2013


So every now and then I still try to post something related to design and sewing!  I've been making swimwear the past couple of weeks.  One suit for my sister and one for my sister-in-law.

I posted this swimsuit earlier, but Mom sent me some photos of my sister wearing it, so I had to include this one!


Savannah said...
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Savannah said...

Angela, I love the swim top you made! I had no idea you'd done swim stuff yet. I'm excited to see it :-) Did you have a pattern for the top or did you design it yourself?

Posting question again so I can check the box that will send me an update if you reply :-)

Angela Dawn said...

Thanks, Savannah! I've actually been making swimwear for myself and family for about ten years. It's hard to find modest and cute styles, which is why I've enjoyed seeing your suits too! I have several other styles I've done too, but just haven't seemed to get the pictures posted--maybe this will inspire me! :-)

The butterfly top is my own pattern, inspired by a style one of my sisters designed, and including a nursing panel inspired by one of your designs. My sister-in-law is really happy with it.