Friday, August 2, 2013

Snapshots of our week

We are enjoying our garden these days - both how lush and wild everything has become, and the ripe tomatoes, fresh squash, variety of peppers, and a few kinds of flowers.
This winter squash went wild and is hanging inside an unused tomato cage, many feet from the roots of the plant!

Crandon is faithfully tending the peppers (and the whole garden), and we have enjoyed stuffed, roasted peppers a couple of times now.

Our zinnias were planted from seed and are producing many lovely colors.  This is probably my favorite - it's like a lovely sunset.

Yummy, tangy-sweet cherry tomatoes.

Rainbow chard.

Almost-ripe heirloom tomatoes, sparkling with summer fog.

This is a funny plant that reproduces by sending out tiny new little plants all along the edges of its leaves!  It's flourishing in a plastic cup on our what to do with it?

 And, of course, our little munchkin!  He's growing fast!

The zinnias make beautiful and long-lasting cut flowers.  I found a pack of blue glass pint jars, which I've been enjoying as vases for holding bunches of summer flowers.

We got a "new" vehicle last week!  A 2007 Ford Explorer.  It has a lot of nice feature, besides being sixteen years newer than my little red Ford Explorer, but possibly the best feature is four doors!  Something I'm really appreciating with a little one to get in and out!

After picking up the Explorer we stopped at a favorite pizza place in Sausalito.  I'll have to get a better picture sometime, but little guy is wearing a sweater that my grandma knit for me!

Some of my sisters hosted a baby shower for us.  Here are both of our moms (grandmas), and our baby is under the green blanket!

He spends more time fussing and complaining these days--this picture is showing his "I'm not very happy right now, but no one is listening to me talk about it" look!

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Olinda said...

Well, I know who's garden to go pick from now!
Love the zinnias!