Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camping at Salt Point - Day Three

Bacon for breakfast.  I love camping breakfasts!  I also made some "instant oatmeal" packets that worked well.  The directions are here.

All propped up to watch Daddy clear out the tent for breaking camp.

Before heading home we stopped at Fort Ross.  I thought this sign, posted on the fort wall, was interesting!


The guys.

This is the trunk of a HUGE Eucalyptus tree just outside the fort!

Another HUGE tree, just up the hill from Fort Ross, this time a Bay tree.

We strolled though the orchard, a quarter mile up the hill, and sampled some apples.  Here, an olive tree.

These apples were tart and tasty, plus a beautiful shade of pink-red.

After parting from the rest of the group, Crandon and I stopped in Duncans Mills to get some coffee and browse a bit.  The old depot building had some interesting history of the railroad in Sonoma County.

Pretty window boxes outside a little tea shop in Duncans Mills.

A very pleasant weekend--a good mix of relaxing, visiting, eating, and hiking!

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