Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Camping at Salt Point - Day One

On our way on Hwy One.  His first camping trip!

First order of business upon arrival: set up tent.

Second: a little visiting around the picnic table.  We decided to try a casual hike to the beach and back before dinner.

Well, we did make it out to the ocean, eventually, but first we forged our way through the forest, trying to decide if the "path" we were following was actually any kind of a path or not!  It started as a rather unkept trail and turned to some lightly trodden and meandering little paths, and eventually just gave way to forest and brush and grass.  Everyone was optimistic that as long as we kept working our way west we'd hit the coast eventually.  I was trudging along rather ungracefully, trying not to send myself and baby headlong as we scrambled over logs and under tree limbs, all the while making up headlines such as, "Six Campers and Babies Lost in Forest Overnight."  I think that's what some people call an adventure. :-)

My man at the top of a rock that was much more impressive looking in person.

My little man, contentedly hanging out on our little excursion.

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Jordan and Rebecca said...

That first picture is lovely, Angela! It was a fun trip. :)