Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Parents

Dad and Mom got married thirty-six years ago, today.

They were very young, Dad thinking of formal ministry, and Mom probably having no idea of what was ahead.

They have lived and worked in two countries, raised four kids to adulthood, working on two more, seen the oldest four of us married, and welcomed four grand-babies so far.  They have remodeled three houses.  Dad ended up pursuing construction, ultimately running his own business, after working a few jobs in the industry.  He has taught and employed all his sons in his trade.  Mom has educated six kids at home, in all the traditional academics, plus lots of practical life skills.  She has given time and shared skills with friends, church family, and homeschool groups we've been part of.  They have together walked through growth and change regarding education, family life, Christian body life, marriage, and more.

They are committed to each other, and to Christ.  They have modeled all these things and so many more to each of us children.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for them, for the privilege of being raised in this family!

I love you Mom and Dad!


Olinda Ruth said...

Thank you for your kind tribute, Angela. You are one of the many blessings of our 36 years!
Only by the grace of God!

Dad said...

May I add the 'Amen!' to that? Thank you from this half also. We have been so truly blessed by each other, and by each of you (our children) and now by your families.