Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This past holiday weekend has been busy and lots of fun!  Almost all of Crandon's family was in town and we hung out, watched fireworks, ate, visited the beach, flew model planes, and just visited, all between nursing babies!

Grand finale viewed from the top of a parking garage!

Not the best self-portrait, but the only one I got of the three of us for Little Guy's first Forth of July!

Trying to arrange the cousins on Crandon's side for a picture!  This was quite a challenge, between babies that don't sit up, a one-year old that didn't want to stay put, and a less-than-enthusiastic three-year old!

A calm, happy moment in his carseat.  Five weeks already!

With Daddy, on a beautiful beach.

Our first visit to the beach with our little one.  He pretty much slept through the outing!


GretchenJoanna said...

The cousins-on-the-bed photo is priceless!

Olinda Ruth said...

I love the "cousins" photo, what's really funny are the moms. It looks like they all need another arm or two!