Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snapshots of Our Week

Special breakfast: croissant and Orange Creamsicle (ice cream free) milkshake!
The shake is from a blog I've enjoyed browsing recently.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's here!

We've been waiting for AnnaBelle's calf to arrive for a couple of weeks now.  A cute little black heifer was finally born sometime last evening!

She's very soft!  AnnaBelle stayed close and protective but didn't mind me touching her.

And this one's just 'cause I thought Little Guy was so cute! :-)


This past holiday weekend has been busy and lots of fun!  Almost all of Crandon's family was in town and we hung out, watched fireworks, ate, visited the beach, flew model planes, and just visited, all between nursing babies!

Grand finale viewed from the top of a parking garage!

Not the best self-portrait, but the only one I got of the three of us for Little Guy's first Forth of July!

Trying to arrange the cousins on Crandon's side for a picture!  This was quite a challenge, between babies that don't sit up, a one-year old that didn't want to stay put, and a less-than-enthusiastic three-year old!

A calm, happy moment in his carseat.  Five weeks already!

With Daddy, on a beautiful beach.

Our first visit to the beach with our little one.  He pretty much slept through the outing!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Parents

Dad and Mom got married thirty-six years ago, today.

They were very young, Dad thinking of formal ministry, and Mom probably having no idea of what was ahead.

They have lived and worked in two countries, raised four kids to adulthood, working on two more, seen the oldest four of us married, and welcomed four grand-babies so far.  They have remodeled three houses.  Dad ended up pursuing construction, ultimately running his own business, after working a few jobs in the industry.  He has taught and employed all his sons in his trade.  Mom has educated six kids at home, in all the traditional academics, plus lots of practical life skills.  She has given time and shared skills with friends, church family, and homeschool groups we've been part of.  They have together walked through growth and change regarding education, family life, Christian body life, marriage, and more.

They are committed to each other, and to Christ.  They have modeled all these things and so many more to each of us children.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for them, for the privilege of being raised in this family!

I love you Mom and Dad!