Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May... Is Almost Over!

The first few pictures are from the past couple of weeks, of things we're enjoying this spring.

Crandon successfully grafted seven branches onto our little apple tree this year!  They represent three different varieties.  The tree didn't blossom this year, which was disappointing, and we don't know why, but all the grafts took!

 We are getting abundant farm-fresh eggs from Mom and Dad K.  Isn't this one pretty, with all the little spots?

Beautiful roses--not at our place, but both our parents' have some that are absolutely gorgeous!

AnnaBelle is just about a month away from calving, and has been out enjoying green grass (pretty much all dried out here already).

And Crandon has finished his first project on his list to do during family leave!  This was the last window in our house to get drapes or blinds.

 He built a cornice box with crown moulding and rope trim, to go over the living room slider.  There is a rod mounted inside for curtain panels.

I think it really came out nicely!

And I'm still here, waiting for baby to decide to make an appearance:


Olinda said...

I love the cornice box and drapes -really nice job!

Anonymous said...

If I could only remember my password for this site. Anyway, I love the new grandbaby myself.

Laura said...

Is the new Grandbaby here? It is June already..
Hope things are will with you all
- Laura.