Sunday, April 7, 2013

Painting: New Porch Trim

Dad and Crandon removing old plumbing left from an old water softener that we got rid of.
Putting up the new corner brackets.


Notice our new kitty?


Olinda said...

A new kitty??? Really?!?

The trim looks great!

Sarah said...

Your home is inviting and lovely, Angela! I enjoyed seeing these pics, especially since I have yet to accept your invite to visit you at your own home :-).

The trim adds a special touch. You guys truly have an eye for simple beauty.

Angela Dawn said...

Thanks for your comments!

Mom: the cat is trying to adopt us! I'm trying to ignore it, but it sits right at our front door and cries...

Jordan and Rebecca said...

Is the cat still there? :) (what I really mean is have you given up and fed it yet ;) ? )

Lydia said...

Wow, that made a huge difference! Love the look!