Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting: Actually Starting!

Our back patio cover, with the corrugated plastic removed, and the surface pressure washed.
The ground beneath looked like it snowed paint flakes!  Yikes, this took some cleanup with a shop vac.  I'm glad the house wasn't peeling!
We started actually painting on Wednesday late afternoon.  We still have some more prep work around some sides of the house, but it's really nice to see some fresh color going on. 
Painting under the eaves is one of the more tedious parts!
Yesterday we finished up the main color on our north wall and started caulking (pronounced: CALL-king, or COK-ing, depending on who's saying it around here :-) all around the porch.  This was a pretty big job, but I think the end result will look so much nicer with that detail.  Of course, some of the caulk is for weather sealing, but a lot of what we did yesterday is probably more for looks.
And last week's progress photo.  Although I feel bigger than that picture makes me look...  Especially when I'm trying to turn over in bed, or crawl under the scaffolding to get to the back yard...

We finished our childbirth prep classes this week.  Crandon says we're experts now; I wondered if maybe we should wait until after the birth to say that... ;-)

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