Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Ready For Baby

I realized I never put up any pictures of the finished moses basket liner and matching blanket I made.  The liner is toile, with a little polka-dot ruffle and ties.  The blanket is a soft fleece, with a cotton backing (same fabric as the tan medallions), and the little blue dot fabric as a ruffle and decoration.

Here is another special little baby item I hope to use.
One of my grandmas knit this beautiful baby sweater set for me, before I was born.  It is wool and has shrunk some, hopefully not too much to use!  I'll wash it gently and try to block it out a bit.
The lace is intricate, and there is a pretty, shiny thread in the yarn!  I'm so glad glad to have this little keepsake.

Here is the stack of newborn size nighties, sleepers and undershirts, that should be good to get us started, whether boy or girl.
I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little one!


Rebekah Carniglia said...

What a lovely job on the baby-basket lining! The fabric that you chose is so dear. Oh, and that little sweater set is so sweet! Mumm found one just like it while antique shopping, which she gave to me for my own baby someday, and I always think of all babies that it must have kept warm. Family heirlooms are delightful!

NanaNor's said...

What a lovely job you did Angela. Enjoy these days.