Friday, February 15, 2013


We took a ride out to the ocean this week and enjoyed fish and chips and a chili dog before heading back.  I didn't take any pictures of the beautiful coast, just food pics!  It really was a lovely afternoon out there--it's so nice to live close enough to visit for a few hours.

So this is the biggest project around here at the moment--baby growing!  This was last week's picture, but it hasn't changed much.  I'm getting more and more anxious to meet this little one that I am constantly aware of.

Crandon built a pretty oak stand for the moses basket that we will use for the first several months, with Baby in our room.  He used wood that started out as one of his tree jobs.  We decided on a tung oil finish, to let the grain of the wood show, and to coordinate with the natural light color of the basket.

I had seen something online that I liked, so he started sketching on a scrap paper and eventually created this!

The rope at the ends keep the basket from slipping out, but make it easy to lift it off the stand to use somewhere else in the house.  The whole things folds fairly flat for storage!

Next I'll make some bedding for the basket, to match our room.

Another winter project I would have skipped if I'd had my pick:

This one's not quite done, but I thought I'd give the before, during, and sneak-peek photos:

When we picked this furniture set a year and a half ago, before we were married, I planned to replace the plum and floral loose pillows with shaped back cushions in a print to go with the colors I planned to decorate with.  I picked out and purchased the materials last winter!  I finally decided I better get it done before Baby, or it might never happen!  There is a large chair and ottoman in the floral print too, that I plan to slipcover at some point--not sure if it will happen this spring or not.  The whole set (sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman) was off Craigslist, and is ten years old, but had received only light use in a formal living room.  We liked the shape and the base fabric and I knew I could work with the rest of it.

I'm just finishing up the last cushions, so I'll post when I have a completed picture.


Sarah said...

The Moses basket stand Crandon made is beautiful, Angela! It looks like you're both enjoying getting ready to welcome your son or daughter :).

Your sneak-peak gives a glimpse of something lovely. Your skill with sewing shows!

GretchenJoanna said...

Just lovely baby-bed! God bless your last days of waiting, and may He make the whole birthing experience a big blessing for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I LOVE the bassinet stand and I am hoping my husband can make me one as well. I am looking for a plan or dimensions, do you have either one? I love the fact that it can fold once you are done using it.

Angela Dawn said...

Thanks for your comment! We don't have any plans and the stand itself is away in storage. My husband just looked at some and cut it out based on the size of the basket. If you really want more details you can leave me some way of reaching you.