Monday, February 25, 2013

Some more of life.

This is me taking self-portraits with our cow.  Hmmm.

AnnaBelle is smart and a bit ornery.  She runs around her pen, kicking out her heels for several minutes when we come out with the halter.  Then she settles down, lets herself get 'caught', and heads straight for the gate to the pasture, once haltered.  Then she is well-behaved as I take her out for a grassy green treat!

Have you ever watched a cow eat fresh grass?  Her tongue goes out in a swirling motion, one side then the other, efficiently pulling in mouthfuls of grass before her teeth make a quick bite to separate it from the roots.  Over and over.  I have time to contemplate these things as I sit on my heels in the tall, sun-warmed grass...  Cows are pretty amazing (actually, God's design for cows), they take all that fresh grass, full of vitamins and nutrients, and turn it into something nourishing for us--fresh milk, with lots of rich butterfat, full of vitamins A, E, D, K, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, etc.!  I know it will be more work, but I'm looking forward to trying milking again in the Summer.

This next picture is for my siblings.  It's not the best one of this week's baby bump photos, but it is the funniest.  I recognize the expression on my face from years of big-sister-ness.  You know: "It should be done like this..."  I can think of photos over the years that captured that expression...

Crandon says I'm saying, "See, the baby comes all the way up to here!"

So here are the sofa cushion photos--FINALLY done!

I actually made a couple more accent pillows, too, but they missed the pictures.

And someone I know ;-)

Friday, February 15, 2013


We took a ride out to the ocean this week and enjoyed fish and chips and a chili dog before heading back.  I didn't take any pictures of the beautiful coast, just food pics!  It really was a lovely afternoon out there--it's so nice to live close enough to visit for a few hours.

So this is the biggest project around here at the moment--baby growing!  This was last week's picture, but it hasn't changed much.  I'm getting more and more anxious to meet this little one that I am constantly aware of.

Crandon built a pretty oak stand for the moses basket that we will use for the first several months, with Baby in our room.  He used wood that started out as one of his tree jobs.  We decided on a tung oil finish, to let the grain of the wood show, and to coordinate with the natural light color of the basket.

I had seen something online that I liked, so he started sketching on a scrap paper and eventually created this!

The rope at the ends keep the basket from slipping out, but make it easy to lift it off the stand to use somewhere else in the house.  The whole things folds fairly flat for storage!

Next I'll make some bedding for the basket, to match our room.

Another winter project I would have skipped if I'd had my pick:

This one's not quite done, but I thought I'd give the before, during, and sneak-peek photos:

When we picked this furniture set a year and a half ago, before we were married, I planned to replace the plum and floral loose pillows with shaped back cushions in a print to go with the colors I planned to decorate with.  I picked out and purchased the materials last winter!  I finally decided I better get it done before Baby, or it might never happen!  There is a large chair and ottoman in the floral print too, that I plan to slipcover at some point--not sure if it will happen this spring or not.  The whole set (sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman) was off Craigslist, and is ten years old, but had received only light use in a formal living room.  We liked the shape and the base fabric and I knew I could work with the rest of it.

I'm just finishing up the last cushions, so I'll post when I have a completed picture.

Tahoe Snow Trip

We had a great time on a five day trip to Tahoe with some of the family.  My sister-in-law and brother rented a house--we had lots of space and lots of fun playing games and eating yummy food, besides, of course, the snow play!

The guys built an impressive sled run:

It's so fun to see our parents being grandparents now!

The 'baby' of the family is growing up fast...