Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Week

The past few days have been 'cow-focused'!

We have been very thankful for our stanchion that Crandon built.

Our first shot at milking went surprisingly well, considering AnneBelle, Crandon, and my lack of experience in this department!  We got a good quart that first try.

The next time around was a bit (a lot) more challenging!  We had an unhappy cow who was moving around, swinging her tail and upsetting her feed pan.  That morning we got well over a half gallon, but her foot ended up in the bucket so it went to the chickens.  The chickens weren't too sure about this liquid white stuff at first, but they finished it up eventually!

The next few times have gone progressively better, which is a good thing because I'm on my own tonight!  We aren't getting a whole lot of milk, only about a quart each time, but it's still adding up in our fridge!  The cream is delicious in my morning coffee, but neither of us have ever been big milk drinkers so I made some chocolate syrup last night to flavor some of it for straight drinking.  Yum!  I think I'm going to make yogurt next.

Crandon also finished up a beautiful olive wood cutting board!  It's pieced from wood that he cut down, dried, planed, and cut into planks.  It is so silky smooth it seems a shame to actually use it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

AnnaBelle Arrived!

Look at that cute face!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Week

I took a picture of our cut up veggies and melon because the colors are so pretty.  I've been trying to keep fruit and veggies cut up and ready to eat, in the fridge.  It really helps me to grab a healthier snack if the produce is as readily accessible as the bread and cookies. ;-)  It's also really helpful for putting together work week lunches if most of the prep work is already done.

We are still enjoying our weekly waltz class, and have just started learning a little rumba too.  This week we went early to have some time to stroll through the old neighborhoods in downtown Sebastopol.  The pictures are in the car before dance.

Crandon doing a welding project...
 ...a stanchion, to be exact... hold our cow.  Yes, we are getting a dairy cow.  We'll be picking her up in about two weeks!
We've been doing a lot of reading on the topic of cattle.  Soon we'll find out how much we don't know! :-D

And this is our lawn:
 Which used to look like this:
Hasn't Crandon done a great job?

Creative and Simple

I'm basking in the glow of my sister's creative brilliance:

This is home-made diaper rash powder.  Pretty cool, huh?  But the really neat part is the shaker "lid"--a square of power-net rubber-banded over a small repurposed spice jar!  Wow.  And she had aqua green power-net!  I could do this, but mine would look like I cut a chunk out of my swimsuit lining and stretched it over...