Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hendy Woods

I don't have many pictures from our recent Hendy Woods camping trip with the family, but here are a few.

This is my favorite:-)

Bananagrams is one of our current favorite games!

Monday, July 23, 2012

This Morning...

Sometimes my husband likes to do this on his days off:

And this morning we turned it into a "date"--I went and watched my man climb around in the top of three Douglas Firs for a couple of hours (leaving all the trimmings for the owner to clean up ;-), and then we went out for fresh, delicious, amazing bread at one of the yummiest bakeries in Sonoma County:
In Freestone, just off the Bohemian Hwy.

Were we picked out this:

and this:
to share of course :-)

I analyzed the bread to try and copy it but, alas, I think it's way beyond my culinary understanding and expertise!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Patriotic Decorating

Having been married for under a year still, every holiday is a new chance to decorate!  This year I made paper pendant flags and a table topper and breadcloths in the red, white and blue color scheme.
I made the flags with my sister--it was a fun and easy project!  I was also pleased to come up with a decorating idea that could be completed for $1. - the cost of the paper placemats from the party supply store to make the flags out of!  The string and ribbon were "free" (from the stash!)

 I even had enough to string across our patio, over the red and white wicker furniture!  (I forgot to take a picture though...)

The linens are finished with a simple rolled hem on my serger.

In the backyard we hung up a few glass lanterns that my sister and I made years ago.  Each lantern is unique, made from thrifted colored drinking glasses and aluminum wire, and with a little votive candle inside.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 4th - Our Town

We hosted our first fourth of July party here this year (actually the third, because that's when our town does a big fireworks display!)  We had part of each of our families here and BBQ'd, and had home-made ice cream.  We had an amazing view of the fireworks display right from our lawn!

The next day we celebrated again, at Mom & Dad's!  We have a long-time 4th of July tradition that was upheld again this year: a large-scale outline map of the USA in chalk, on the driveway.  Everyone helps fill in landmarks, icons of historical significance, and fun places we've visited!

This one is turned sideways, somehow, but is representing a few things in our general part of the country!

And, of course, yummy and pretty desserts!
Melody is good at making use of spare moments and so is finishing up the birdie mobile for their expected little one.  So cute!