Sunday, August 19, 2012


We are considering getting a cow.  (One of our moms think we might be slightly crazy [we might be], the other thinks we should at least get a cute one...)    :-)

We've looked at these Dexters, from a herd nearby, a couple of times now.  The Dexter cattle attract us because it is a smaller statured, dual-purpose breed.  We would start with a young, bred, milk cow and consider raising the calf for beef.

I go back and forth between excited-let's-do-it-can't-wait, and what-are-we-thinking-of???  Crandon reminds me that this is a season-by-season commitment.  If milking gets overwhelming we can sell the cow, or keep it and use it to raise beef calves.

I do get excited about having fresh milk and making our own butter, yogurt and soft cheeses!

Anyone else have milking experience, or DIY cheese and dairy product experience?


Sarah said...

Wow! Exciting prospects (and I can feel the "trembling" too)! :-) Big commitment and work, literally! If we lived closer I'd be willing to buy milk from you!!

The only person I know who is very experienced with milking and making cheese/butter is Georgia S. If you want her contact info, I can email to you.

If you obtain a cow, I'll be looking forward in hearing about the adventure and seeing your amazing use of the milk!

madeline blair said...

i think you should get a super cute brown cow with long eyelashes. you could name it... patricia!