Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Day at the Ranch

Last week, Crandon and I rode the motorcycle over to the foothills East of Sacramento, to visit family on their cattle ranch.

During the day we fed cattle, rode the hay trailer, rode a cow(!), milked a cow, spent the hottest part of the day inside visiting, and enjoyed a nice pizza dinner on the patio before heading home.

That one on the right is the cow we're going to milk.  She's a black angus and her calf is a cross with a dairy breed.  The calf is being raised to be a family milk cow.
Doesn't he just look the part?  He goes effortlessly from work to cowboy to pilot to weekend gardener, mechanic, and handyman.  Oh, and he's pretty amazing in the 'husband' hat, too!
In the "squeeze"--she's not really used to being milked so the idea was to prevent any excitement from a sudden kick!  Her calf is standing by, probably wondering what we're doing???
Some one said to get a picture of me milking a cow--here it is.  It was a little tricky but I'm sure I could get the hang of it pretty quick.
Part of the ranch.
Yes, I'm riding a cow.  Annie, to be specific!
Their barn is being repaired and restored.  The guys threw a couple bales of hay in the trailer behind the tractor and we rode over the hill to feed the cattle on the back of the property.
Tosha looking in the barn door.
Sunset over the hills in late summer.  This is the kind of moment that makes me think about heaven.
This is an interesting angle--we were up on a hill looking down over the barnyard and some pastures.
It was a really nice day, even though it was in the high nineties for a big part of the day.  In the morning the temperature climbed from the low sixties in Sonoma County to the low eighties in about 15 minutes, as we crossed into the Vacaville area!

I spent a total of more than six hours riding on the back of the bike, with my arms around my husband, so I had lots of time for thinking - time to compose thank you notes, work on this blog entry, weigh the pros and cons of getting a dairy cow, as well as abundant opportunity to enjoy the scenery, and smell all the late-summer smells.


NanaNor's said...

Sounds like a heavenly day Angela. I loved seeing all the photos! Carrie, Brent, Kim,Eric,John and I all went in on a beef cow. Our freezers are now overflowing and we are set for meat. I love the country but now find it is just too much work for me. So glad you had such fun. Fall is in the air here; have a great day.

Olinda said...

My city girl is becoming quite the country gal ...must be some "genes" from a couple generations back!
Happy 11 mo. anniversary :)