Monday, July 23, 2012

This Morning...

Sometimes my husband likes to do this on his days off:

And this morning we turned it into a "date"--I went and watched my man climb around in the top of three Douglas Firs for a couple of hours (leaving all the trimmings for the owner to clean up ;-), and then we went out for fresh, delicious, amazing bread at one of the yummiest bakeries in Sonoma County:
In Freestone, just off the Bohemian Hwy.

Were we picked out this:

and this:
to share of course :-)

I analyzed the bread to try and copy it but, alas, I think it's way beyond my culinary understanding and expertise!


Olinda said...

Mmmm ...I'm jealous! (of the bakery outing, not the tree climbing!)

NanaNor's said...

Hi, I was wondering where the bakery was and now I know why I didn't recognize it. Have a great week.