Saturday, July 21, 2012

Patriotic Decorating

Having been married for under a year still, every holiday is a new chance to decorate!  This year I made paper pendant flags and a table topper and breadcloths in the red, white and blue color scheme.
I made the flags with my sister--it was a fun and easy project!  I was also pleased to come up with a decorating idea that could be completed for $1. - the cost of the paper placemats from the party supply store to make the flags out of!  The string and ribbon were "free" (from the stash!)

 I even had enough to string across our patio, over the red and white wicker furniture!  (I forgot to take a picture though...)

The linens are finished with a simple rolled hem on my serger.

In the backyard we hung up a few glass lanterns that my sister and I made years ago.  Each lantern is unique, made from thrifted colored drinking glasses and aluminum wire, and with a little votive candle inside.

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Olinda said...

Festive and frugal ~ you can't do better than that!