Tuesday, June 12, 2012


May (vacation month) is over, Crandon is back to work, and fruit is ripening!  All that means that it's time to get busy for me too, and keeping on top of ripe produce is top of the list!

That and experimenting with our summer fun purchase--an ice cream maker!  I don't have any pictures of bowls of ice cream to show, but this one shows my try at using a real vanilla bean.  I added it to the custard being cooked up for the ice cream.  It was really fun to try and I had no idea that the tiny black flecks in some vanilla products are actually seeds!

Our lettuce is producing prolifically and has started to bolt with the hot weather this week.  I think we'll try planting small batches every couple of weeks, because a whole row of lettuce is really more than two of us can keep up with (the bugs and slugs were doing a pretty good job for a while there, though! Crandon has them mostly under control now.)

Here's a few pictures of my first ever water bath canning project.  We got a 25 lb. box of apricots that I'm about a third of the way through "dealing with".

Preparing for making apricots in honey syrup.

We opened one jar for breakfast, to taste before deciding if I'm going to do more jars.  Yum!  A nice sweet-tart flavor.

I was completely surprised at how much the fruit shrank after processing and cooling, especially since I nearly squashed them to get enough headspace and have the liquid coving the fruit!  A friend told me this always happens!


Olinda said...

Yay ...a new post! I kept checking every day, but thought maybe you'd blown up the computer. =)

Sarah said...

Your lettuce is beautiful! You look so happy in your home and with making good use of your bounty! :-) I wished we lived closer...we could have fun canning together :-).