Friday, May 11, 2012

"Out & About" in the Lower Main Land

Day 8 - R & R around Grandma and Grandpas, and a visit to Bear Creek Park

Pretty pansies in Bear Creek Park. 
Forget-Me-Nots seem to be scattered everywhere up here!  I love their pretty blue shade and the little white centers.
Grandma and Grandpa enjoy a stroll around the groomed gardens.
Crandon and I walked around the big perimeter loop and crossed a creek
We hadn't seen Bleeding Hearts growing in the wild before, but they're everywhere in the forested areas here!
We spent a little time with family; out for East Indian food and back to the house for some coffee and dessert.
(Sorry about the red eye!)
 Day 9 - Visit to Lynn Canyon Park and North Vancouver

On the suspension bridge, about 150 feet above Lynn Creek! 
A little ways up the creek is the '30 Foot Pool' - beautiful clear water the color of green glass.
My honey and yours truly.
A HUGE tree!  An old picture from the visitors center at Lynn Canyon.
When we finished hiking we went into North Vancouver to browse around and stop for an afternoon (coffee) break.  The little bakery had cases full of the prettiest pastries and cakes!  And good coffee!  A worthwhile stop, for sure.  Also, just a block down the street from two thrift stores! :-)


RD Youngs Contractor said...

I like your interspersing of photos with people and without. It's neat to also see that non-family allow you to photo then.

madeline blair said...

That garden grounds look gorgeous! I'm envying your trip--it sounds so fun! = D

GretchenJoanna said...

Those bleeding hearts would have grabbed my heart, too! It's great to take a trip when the spring flowers are out. Happy trails!