Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Full Day in Banff, Plus a Dinner Show!

Day 13 - walked all around Banff, and decided, last-minute, to go to a dinner show in the next town east, Canmore.

This bridge was built in the 1920s to carry people across the river to and from town and the Upper Hot Springs.  We did spend one evening at the Springs; it was fun to enjoy a whole pool of 102 degree water, out under the semi-light sky, at 10:30pm!
Banff Springs Hotel in the background, built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad, in the 1880s, to entice wealthy clientele.
Bow Falls.
Bow Falls in the background, just out of Banff township.
Banff Springs Hotel from the base.  That wall is HUGE, like a fortress!
Once inside the central courtyard of the Banff Springs Hotel.  It looked like a lovely and upscale place to stay!
Sitting in a coffee shop with wireless, so that we could update our blog, for all you faithful readers!  :-)  (I think we were posting days ten and eleven here!)
One scene of the town of Banff.  The town is surrounded by mountains, and is a very charming tourist location.
Crandon, making sure we know where we're going.
One more view of the mountains!
We saw a really fun dinner show in Canmore, AB!  The singers and dancers were also the servers.  We had a selection of family style food choices, all canadian, and all delicious.  The show was titled 'Canada, Eh!' and was all music written or made popular by canadian artists, and changed focus throughout the show from history to sports to arts to geography, etc.  This was an impulse decision after seeing one of their brochures in Banff, and ended up by a very fun and worthwhile way to spend the evening!
Finished the day with a little reading by lantern light in our tent.

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madeline blair said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! Banff will definitely be on my list of places to go after this! = )