Friday, May 18, 2012


Day 12 - The rest of the way to Banff!

A view of the Rockies, on Hwy 1 (the Trans-Canada)
From the village at Lake Louise.  We almost missed seeing the lake because I thought it was an hour off the road; turns out it's an hour out of Banff, but just off the road if you stop on the way through!  Oops!
Lake Louse is still frozen!  It was a nice sunny day though.
The remains of cleared skating rinks on the frozen lake.  It looks like fun!
There are wildlife over-crossings at regular intervals throughout the national park.
They are fairly new so the plantings are not well established yet.
Once in the town of Banff we wandered around and went in a number of shops, but I forgot to take pictures!
Crandon made sure we didn't pass up this photo-op with a Musk Ox!

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