Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Vacation Post

Day 6 - The Sky Train to Lonsdale Quay

We rode the sky train in to Vancouver, then took the sea bus across the Burrard inlet to North Vancouver.  The sky train was built and opened for the 1986 Expo.
The Lonsdale Quay on the water in North Vancouver, from our sea bus.  There is a large market here with food vendors, fresh produce and lots of boutique and gift shops.
L. and N. had fish and chips for lunch.  Crandon and I went with chinese food combo plates.
The rest of the bunch having some after lunch coffee.
These are deep-fried pastries topped with an assortment of different sweet things.  We got simple cinnamon and sugar.
Grandpa, with a Nutella beaver tail.
Checking out the view from the sea bus window. 
Someone in disguise.  And someone else who doesn't want her picture taken.
On view of the beautiful snow covered mountains surrounding much of the Vancouver area.
Riding the sky train home.
 Day 7 - Here & There, and Granville Island

We started the day early, getting Mom and my younger siblings to the bus to start their trip home.  After dropping them off we drove by the house that Mom and Dad lived in and remodeled when I was a baby.  We also visited a nursery and stopped for Tim Horton's coffee and donuts (a necessary part of any visit to Canada).
My first home!
A huge Hibiscus flower.
A beautiful pink peony.  We are going to look into these at home!  Good thing we are 2000 miles from home, or we may have had a carful of impulse purchases at the 99 Nursery!
This planted pot was labelled as a "salad garden".  Cute idea!
Back at Grandma and Grandpa's we decided to head out and take in a little more of the area.
We got on the sky train again, today, to go to Granville Island.  This is a really fun place to visit, with a large public market full of all kinds of yummy food--both prepared or as ingredients to take home.  We browsed through the whole market and picked out what we wanted for lunch, then re-traced our steps to purchase the desired items. 
Lunch break! 
A view from Granville Island.
We tried something new--Dragon Fruit!  It was similar in flavor and texture to a kiwi.  Crandon says the kiwi is better.
We stopped at a broom shop on the island.  One of the owners was working on a cobwebber attached to a smoothed piece of a tree branch. 
A row of floating houses docked.
The lighthouse at Stanley Park.
The view from near the park entrance.  Everything is green with new leaves on all the trees, and abundant little white daisies scattered on lawns.  Beautiful! 
A cluster of round english daisies. 
Lots and lots of flowers in bloom everywhere!
Crandon working on getting some flower pots planted for Grandma and Grandpa's back patio.

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