Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been so long since my last post that I'm not sure where to start!  Here's a few snapshots of what I've been doing at home this past month.

Decorating Valentine's cookies.
Enjoying the first of spring--plum tree blossoms, wild mustard, daffodils...
Finally getting our art print framed and hung!
Watching (and sort of helping) my husband prepare a garden area in our yard.
Still feeding my starter, and loving my Ranunculus from my husband, and spending time at the sink...
Getting brave adding sun-dried tomatoes and herbs to my bread.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Angela. A comment made by my Mumm:
"She must drive her neighbors' nuts; all those good smells coming out of her house!"

I agree. And Crandon must enjoy coming home to a house that has the aroma of baked goodies!
Rebekah C.