Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding Gown - Part 4

It's about time to finish up telling the story of my wedding gown!  After all the finish work on the inside, I was ready to glue the little rhinestones on the lace and have my sister help me with the whimsical fabric flowers.

...on my lace!  (Yes, that first one was pretty scary!)

Bags of flower parts, awaiting placement.

Neckline with rhinestones and flowers positioned.

Hanging in the window after figuring out the placement of all the fabric flowers!
I really feel like the glistening rhinestones and the flowers were the perfect final additions, and took my dress from being "nice" to being "complete".

I'm so thankful for my sister's creative flair and eye for the final touch!  I know I wouldn't have had fabric flowers on my dress if I were doing it myself.  My perfectionist tendencies would have completely spoiled the soft and natural touch needed for realistic looking flowers, as well as an asymmetrical cascade of sprinkled blossoms!  Thank you!!!

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