Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Wedding

And my last "Wedding" post!

First a few pictures from our photographer, Lydia Photography, showing my dress (and me in it!)

Both my bridesmaids made their dresses too!  Didn't they do a lovely job?  I helped pick the fabric and gave them a list of guidelines (skirt length, general silhouette, etc.) and then I didn't see either of them finished until the day of the wedding!  I was curious, and might have been anxious, but I knew both girls well enough to know they would both finish their dresses (just barely in time), and they would both be lovely!  I was right!

And here I am in the arms of the man of my dreams, on our wedding day...
...I am so blessed!

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Olinda said...

... and they all lived happily ever after!