Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Sewing Studio!

Here are a couple quick photos of my sewing space.  I have about two-thirds of a corner bedroom for my sewing things.  The other third is my husband's large desk (no photos as it's storing a big mound of things to sort at the moment!)  My favorite thing about the room is the large corner windows, one facing East, the other South, so I get nearly all-day sun at this time of the year!  The color on the walls is our neutral that's throughout the house, and I love the way the rooms glow with warmth as the sun shines in.
My husband got the shelves up on the wall, after they got a fresh coat of paint.  I appreciate how handy he is with household projects and repairs!  The shelves came off the wall in my old bedroom and are now perfect for storing all my sewing books, and all his and my how-to and reference materials.
The little oak bookshelf was a $6. Goodwill find--the perfect size for all my little shoeboxes of lace, ribbon, zippers, etc.!

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